Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recent Acquisitions

I love trading artwork despite the fact that I am running out of wall space. Add framing to the list of things I must accomplish by winter (for my own sanity not for a deadline). Here are two recent works by Adam Neese & James Luckett photographed in a manner to remind me that this task is in my immediate future.

Adam Neese's image from The Known World

From Adam's website: "To the observant wandering child, the landscape is a place of fantasy and fame. With this naive view, the scale of the world is skewed down; a field, a stand of trees, or an old road can hold the magic and possibility of the American west in 19th century frontier days. As I grew up and moved away, my childhood home remained in the same place. In the transition from adolescent to adult, my views of landscape have changed; but the woods near my parents' house still hold the same mystique and wonder that I remember from my youth."

James Luckett (the following text - which I love as much as the photograph - accompanies the image above and can be found on James' website).

The map is not the territory.- Alfred Korzybski

"I grew up with this picture above the television. It’s safe to say I’ve looked at this painting more than any other image. My mother bought it in Stuttgart the year I was born in the city I was born. Whenever I’ve asked her what she sees in it she’d square her eyes, furrow her brow and shake her head. I don’t know is what she says.

This past year helping her sort the house I was surprised when she no longer wanted it. I don’t know why was all she’d say. I hate to let it go, but I have to, I can’t do it any longer. Lips pursed, she said I just can’t. Head shaking she said I won’t.

Forty-one years and it felt fine to pull it free from the frame, it felt good to crumple it into my carry-on. It’s uncanny how quickly things can change. It’s mine now and I can do with it what I like. I can make this beautiful print for example. And then I can give it to you. And then I can just give that to you."

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