Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Summer's Installment of Swimming Pools

Harold Jones, Pool, 1982

 Joe Deal, 14-482 Synchronized Swimming, Riverside, CA, 1982

Jules Spinatsch, Empty Sea from Temporary Discomfort, 2001

Julius Shulman, Raymond Loewy House, Palm Springs, CA, 1947

 Claes Oldenberg, Pool Shapes, 1964

Rondal Partridge, Donnel Pool for House Beautiful, 1951

Shawn Records, From Harbor

Garry Winogrand, Lake Tahoe, 1964

Garry Winogrand, El Paso, 1964

Anthony Friedkin, Pool at the Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, 1980

Eileen Cowin, Dive, 1976

Elisabeth Tonnard, One Swimming Pool (coolest book of the summer as it unfolds to create this)

Leanne Shapton, Cawthra Park Pool, Mississauga, Ontario (check out more of her glorious paintings here)

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