Thursday, July 5, 2012

Autobiography: 12 Lunch Bags for 7 years as an Adjunct Professor

I have been struggling with scale on the lunch bags in terms of what will fit in both the Shircliff and Atrium Galleries. After bringing a tape measure to school and hypothesizing in front of long walls (and with real measurements of the artwork too), I deduced that I could continue to print large.

I've spent the last couple days getting perfect prints (fortunately at a more manageable size than cat wallpaper).

I spent more time trimming them by hand and prepping them to hang (no frames - I want them to be exposed and loose to emphasize the paper).

They are bagged up and ready to go. I had to photograph my paper bag in a plastic bag before rolling them into a box though.

Here's what the old version looked like:

... and here is the new version. There are some I miss from the old (third row, second from left in particular) but overall, the second round is more successful in terms of color, light, and composition.

The Vincennes show is nearly complete. Waiting on my matboard to arrive from Florida so I can finish the Five Objects Photographed Before Thrown Away. Then it's back to the that cat scrapbook & near complete Blurb book of Nine Fake Cakes.

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