Friday, July 27, 2012


I anticipate a lot of unearthing of the artistic past in the coming months. First up is Flatfoot (since we were on the subject of shoes and skates in a previous post). I've collaborated with a number of artists in my life but this piece is from my first collaborative exhibition in 1995 with my father. After receiving it in the mail, I photographed it quickly at school today and noticed that it had a long drip of white paint running across one of the photographs in the top right corner. I couldn't remember if it was there before so I hunted down the documentation from Focus magazine below and found that it was a new addition since its creation two decades ago.

It's embarrassing to look back at this artist statement (certainly undergraduate material). I don't even know whose signature that is since it's legible and so far from its current scrawl. The images come from four semesters of undergraduate photography classes and are also collaged alongside of the box that supports the shoe in the center. It's the only piece I have left from this exhibition. Many of the other works were sold or buried in the backyard before leaving Boise.

I'm thinking more about objects these days - where my interest comes from and how I can make my photographs more three-dimensional. Still tying up a few loose ends before I have the time to work on that in full force. Soon.... I hope... soon.

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