Monday, July 9, 2012

A Major Task Completed

At the beginning of the summer, I made an astronomical list of all things I had to photograph and print. Of course, the more I photograph, the more there is to print and then I can't help but invent new things along the way. As of 1 AM this morning, I officially completed that list. The last two months have been very productive indeed.

Here is the "thinking wall" or all things in progress that will carry me through the fall.

They are working prints that are too dark, too light or gravitating toward magenta. The right 2/3rds comprises more Autobiography with the presentation of the swimsuits and towel needing to be resolved before the Atrium Gallery show. The top left is Artist Stalking, & the bottom left is the yet to be named continuation of characters with excessive behaviors. There's also a cute cat with a haircut who is posing in front of something I must respond to at some point from James Luckett.

Now summer vacation begins.

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