Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Instagram Vacation: Washington

In light of all the conversation about Instagram versus fine art photography lately, I give you some of my favorite images from the application taken this month. I don't consider these part of my art practice - more like a sketch and a documentation of the events that transpired. I do believe it has artistic potential and plan on incorporating it in an assignment for my digital class next semester. Maybe someday I would consider making art from it but not for now (I have a hard time thinking in square format).

Mukilteo Ferry 1

Mukilteo Ferry 2

Coupeville, Whidbey Island

JR and a giant eagle on the tree below at Deception Pass, Whidbey Island (a photo for Mom)

Ed's studio

Another photographer's cacti collection (an ongoing theme on my feed)

Leaving Whidbey Island on the Mukilteo Ferry

Salish Sea AKA Puget Sound, Mukilteo Ferry

Bainbridge, Island

Summer cookies, Bainbridge Island

Poulsbo (a Norwegian wonderland)

Gingerbread men doughnuts in Poulsbo

Back to one of my homes - crossing the Astoria-Megler Bridge that I walked across last year

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