Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Monumental Occasion: It's Time for a New Sketchbook!

Dave Eggers, From How the Water Feels to the Fishes, 2007

It's finally time to retire the old sketchbook. I've lived with this one for (gasp!) seven years. As many of the projects mentioned on its pages are still in progress, it will reside on the studio shelf for awhile before it's final resting place in a cardboard box in the closet.

Pages that I will miss from the old one:

I couldn't resist cutting out a section in a bad print (damn clogged nozzle leaving a line 1/4 down) and plastering it on the cover of the new one.

It will look pristine for a whole five minutes. May it not take me seven years to fill this one (only because it becomes more of a precious object when it contains that much of my artistic life).

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