Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Portfolio Box Arrived & Now It is Full

After visiting Alexis in Montana last November, I decided to re-think my portfolio box situation. She gave me some good tips since she has attended more portfolio reviews in recent times than I have. I bought a smaller box that fits 13"x19" prints which will be far easier to bring as a carry-on to San Francisco for the Society for Photographic Eduacation in March. I added three new From Venice Beach to the Venice Biennale images (above).

I made some 13"x19" "contact sheets" to show all of the images included in the portfolio at once for easier viewing. It includes the studio photographs of the cakes and glass plates which obviously will not fit in the box itself. I have applied to a lot of exhibitions with the Marilyn Monroe photographs in the last month. If one happens to be accepted, all of the prints are now tweaked and edited so they have the same exposure, saturation, and are lacking the blue ghost around the edges. Yay! here's to 4.5 hours of editing last night!

I spent way too much time obsessing about this and didn't get to the Postcard Collective entry yet but fortunately there is one more weekend in the month to start and finish it.

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