Monday, January 9, 2012

Clouds: Part 3

Spencer Finch, Taxonomy of Clouds

Nichole Frocheur, From She Said Yes

Mark Morrisroe, The Sky, 1986

Diane Rosenblum, Clouds for Comment

From Rosenblum's website: In the series Clouds for Comment I post my photographs of skies in social media such as People make written comments on the photos, and I superimpose a selection of their words on my prints."

Cai Guo-Qiang, Clear Sky, Black Cloud, 2006

Ben J. Madden, Clouds #3514, The Walking Poet,
1 block from Minneapolis Institute of Arts/MCAD, from my top floor window, facing S, approx. 35° up from horizon, at 1:07:36 PM CST Oct 26, 2011

Robert Adams, From Gone? Colorado in the 1980s

Irina Rozovsky

Zachary Davis, Sweet Spot Drift, Digital Video Projection

Click on this link for Anne de Vries, Forecast.


  1. Some barely there clouds:

    Flying Saucer Attack - s/t

  2. the curvature of the earth is in reverse!


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