Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Books (because I'm still thinking about mine rather than "doing" it)

Ed Ruscha, Artists Who Do Books, 1976

Robert Gober, Maquette Newspaper Bundle, 1992 [But it looks like a book!]

M.L. Van Nice, Swiss Army Book, 1990

Maya Lin, The Rand McNally New International Atlas, 2006

Jonathan Callan, China in Japanese Prints, 2006 [Check out this link.]

Doug Beube, Amendment, 2005 & Fault Lines, 2003

Mariele Neudecker, The Air We Breathe is Invisible, 1992-1996


  1. There seems to be a map theme to the second half of these images... Purposeful? I like it.

  2. Only because I love maps (though there will be one featured in this book I'm not making right now).


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