Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Day of Class & All I'm Thinking About is "How Many Days until Summer Break?"

Once upon a time last January I ordered archival boxes. Long story short... I finally got them today. I opened the box upside down and became more enthralled with the packing than reviewing notes for my lecture in Alternative Processes.

Boxes! Portfolio case for the Society for Photographic Education conference in March! Hooray!

There I am on James Luckett's photograph in my office. Has school really started? Still recovering from my cold and living in denial.

Hopefully there will be more news here soon on the Hannah, Jennifer, David, and JR "containment" proposal. Postcard Collective cards are in the works (mentally) and what do you know? Another case of Artist Stalking coming soon to a blog near you featuring (gasp) a female.

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