Monday, January 2, 2012

Continuing to Reflect Upon Felines

Tim Walker, Pastel Cats, 2000

Andy Warhol, Cat, 1976

Jacques Henri Lartique, My Cat Zizi, 1904

Edward Steichen, Nude with Cat, 1903

Wanda Wulz, Cat and I, 1932

James van der Zee, Smart Cat, 1931

James van der Zee, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cat, 1982

Alas & Piggott,
Natalia and Cat, 2006

Ai WeiWei with Cat

Eliot Dudik, Marietta and Jim, Wimbee Creek Road

Olya Ivanova, Vova and His Cat

Beth Hoeckel, Cat Stevens

Don't miss this link via Amelia and Drew.

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