Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Money Money Money

I found this in the parking lot at the Post Office today: a $1 bill from 2006.

A few hours later I opened a letter from my mom to discover this gift from my grandmother arriving 3 decades later:

The two bills were significantly older.

I still carry this $2 bill around in my wallet that I found at the motel in Clemson, South Carolina in the fall of 2010:

Needless to say, money is on my mind.

Will Steacy, Washington, Rip, 2011

Abelardo Morell, $4 Million, 2006

Hans Peter Feldmann's 100,000 $1 bills, 2011

Art Guys, United States of America, 1994

William Powhida, Griftopia, 2011


  1. My grandma on my Dad's side always used to give my younger brother & I two-dollar bills in cards when we were little. I think I still have one or two of them in my dresser...I should look! Always thought they were cool.

  2. I bet I picked up some kid's birthday money dropped in Clemson. I barely see those bills anymore!


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