Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 1/Day 1 Summer Stipend: Conquer the Piles

Frank Gilbreth, Motion Efficiency Study, c. 1915

Today begins Day 1 of my Summer Stipend. I am supposed to work on a project(s) for ten weeks and have something to show for myself at the end of this time. This will be no problem but the thought of putting in hours and what that entails when making art is something I've never considered. Is a week five days or seven? Does that mean 8 hours a day or more? Should I be keeping track? If I work 60-70 hours a week on average during the school year, should I be working the same on art during the summer? Will I ever have a life if I think this way? And so it begins....

I'm spending this week (and if I don't get finished early next week) trying to get rid of the piles and conquer two lists. Believe it or not, they are mostly art related and connect with my proposal. The credenza has two growing monstrosities:

and all the cats that I have to cut out and count.

There are a library books hiding under there that need to be scanned. Getting rid of this pile will supply several blog posts and will be the most time consuming.

This one will be done today! I need a place to eat dinner. More library books to scan, new arrivals in the book department, and another rejection in that stack of mail.

Depending on how long I have today at school, I might take care of this one as well. Nothing like scanning old slides and putting them to rest.

The office list and the home list with some overlap.

I swear I will be a sane person once these are gone. They have been growing since September 2010 and will provide piece of mind to operate on the VB project.

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