Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Return to Sender" - John Waters

I have inhabited the space in front of the computer for the last 5 hours trying to minimize the desk pile thinking how far behind I am on the Postcard Collective mass exchange. I wish I had thought of this series first but John Waters beat me to it. Return to Sender includes a blank sheet of paper stuffed in an envelope. He addressed the letters to dead celebrities at their previously known addresses. The postman (or current resident) makes them the work of art. Waters photographs them as the end product.


  1. Oh, just print annnnnnnnnything. I'm so disappointed that I've only gotten two postcards so far this round.

  2. oh but i have a good idea but i need to go to the grocery store to get green looking fettucine and a brussel sprout to do it though. hopefully that's enough of a mystery to wonder what on earth it's going to be!


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