Monday, May 16, 2011

Days 5 & 6: Progress

My brain is currently fried after spending 13 hours and counting on matting and Marilyn research today. Yesterday I apparently spent 6.5 hours beginning my Marilyn Monroe breakthrough (to be posted tomorrow) and not getting nearly as much as I would have liked done (some scanning, burning DVDs, etc.). The school parking lot was flooded today. This evening I was stuck carrying a bunch of library books with the door locking behind me when I realized I couldn't exit the building without wading through one to two feet of muddy water. Campus security saved the day by plowing through it instead and letting me back into the building. Someone waiting for the tow truck:

The thing I hate most about being an artist is matting and framing especially when I started out cutting the very first piece of matboard one inch too small (thankfully I bought one extra for inevitable mess ups but did it have to happen on the first cut?). I am also unimpressed with how small the frames are - the matboard has a two inch border which I do not like but I've invested too much money into this to start over so I have to live with it. Hannah and I started out cutting the wood so it would have a wide front but before we put it together, I realized that it wasn't deep enough. We had to take two inches off each piece to cut it the other direction and that is why I am short two inches on either side. This is what I wanted it to look like (on Maura's small print which will hopefully be deep enough to also hold glass):

... but alas this is what it will look like (after hour one x 9 prints later):

I made two gargantuan piles and another list to return to in June - plexi and framing hardware and the fake cakes will be finally framed!

In between the matting marathon, I took a break to make a 30x20" Marilyn photograph to see if the resolution will hold up for my proposed installation for this project. Had to include the electrical socket....

because of a photograph I saw a month ago... pinup girls and electrical sockets go hand in hand.

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