Saturday, May 14, 2011

George Maciunas's "One Year," 1973-74

I'm currently obsessing over many projects - one is of collecting. Sorting through some images an hour ago, I remembered George Maciunas's One Year where he saved the containers of all the food and household products he used in a year's period in 1973-74 that was on display at MOMA for the first time ever when I visited NYC in February. I love the way the objects are stacked and organized (neatly of course) and that he chose to save something this banal for a selected amount of time. The dated product designs are also interesting and reminiscent of the early 1970s. I am also curious how it comments on consumption - we find a brand we like and we stick to it. It connects with my need to keep an object for the amount of time I live in one city and also this woman and her cat scrapbook (but that continued for several years if not decades).

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