Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Step Closer to Paradise

Julie Blackmon, The Power of Now

Hannah and I bought an inflatable, welcome to suburbia, pool today (note: temperature in the 60s, humid and rainy but we have it for the first day it is hot). We had the full on Rural King (oh how I loathe thee) experience and settled on this 15 footer. Since we can't have the lawn mowed directly next to it, this image fulfills the previously posted drawing's dream of having a couple baby goats to cut the grass for us.

In the meantime, here's to wishing for days as hot as this image by Michael Friberg from his series Jumping off of Cliffs:

(Tangent) Friberg does have the best bio content I've read in awhile: "Michael Friberg is a 25 year old non-award winning documentary and editorial photographer currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah after receiving a healthy ass kicking in NYC last year as a photo assistant. Despite not having won any awards or any of those other B.S. things people list in these types of write ups, he has taken some pictures people have liked and thats gotta count for something right? He recently turned 25, so if you are a photo editor, this means he can now rent a car without selling his left arm. He is available for assignment just about anywhere (even Texas)."

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  1. I've learned a thing or two from Mr. Friberg.

    You could have purchased a salt lick at Rural King while you were there. Frolicking deer could add to the pool ambiance...


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