Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 1: Progress

I can't stop creating more piles rather than getting rid of them. My stack of library books to read and scan at school started off this big at 12:45 PM.

By 3:30 PM, it grew to this size (this is what I get for putting 19 books on interlibrary loan last week). I am looking most forward to The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl.

A nice rejection letter regarding the fake cakes from Kreemart.

My box of new acquisitions opened (the kitchen table pile is 2/3rds gone now that the Amazon box is a cat toy). Avedon at Work and the "Ruscha Brick" are books that I have had on the list to "rebuy" for the last four years. I have waited for Zoe Leonard's You See I am Here After All to be published since 2009! I can't wait to read it as it was one of my favorite installations at Dia Beacon. Ed Ruscha: Road Tested, Sea Change: The Seascape in Contemporary Photography, and Publish Your Photography Book are needed for summer research. Finally, I hate buying books with the Oprah seal of approval emblazoned on the front but it does have a bird on it! Summer means time for reading fiction and Jonathan Franzen is first on the list.

I also scanned one of my favorite Doug Dubois photographs from ...all the days and nights (a library book in the desk pile).

Doug Dubois, My Father in the Ocean, Naples, Florida, 2006

All in all, it was an 8.5 hour work day with some visible progress (including two big things crossed off my school office list that I haven't had time to do all semester).

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