Thursday, July 1, 2010

Niagara, NY

First we begin with the Niagara Wax Museum of History - the WORST and therefore the BEST wax museum EVER. This is up there with the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum that displays the glass that Bill Clinton drank from alongside a Skeletor castle from the old He-Man cartoons.

Marni gave me the "bad use of caulk" tour:

Since Annie Edson Taylor was mentioned in a previous entry, here she is emerging dazed and confused from the falls after her rescue:

The first white man to view Niagara Falls (political correctness is not in this museum's vocabulary):

A re-enactment of Devil's Hole Massacre:

Next to a display of "The Three Most Beautiful Women in the World" (Mother Teresa was wearing cheap, mens' hirachis):

Drag Queen Di!

and Julia Roberts (Have I mentioned this wax museum was last updated 20+ years ago?):

As witnessed by signage like this:

Proofreading is necessary:

We did get our "horrorscope" before leaving:

JR re-enacting the Devil's Hole Massacre or was it the dead Maid of the Mist (photo by Marni Shindelman):

One of many contraptions featured all over the town of objects people went over the falls in:

More contraptions at the Dare Devil Mini Mart:

This one went down on my birthday!

Everything I heard about the town of Niagara is true (it's sad and depressing while the Canadian side looks so much more inviting):

But at least the US side has floating ice cream cones... (but alas the foliage died in the planters underneath):

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