Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New Earthworks

Tyler Green has a new post over at Modern Art Notes regarding the "new land art." I've seen references to Agnes Denes' Tree Mountain before and it's worth posting here. The "new" earthworks are more profound in a way - not as destructive but emphasizing the environment and the changing views of the earth since the early 1970s. My brother Tim, a landscape architect, and I are talking about making one - more along this vein not that of Michael Heizer.

From the website: "Eleven thousand trees were planted in a complex mathematical pattern by eleven thousand people from around the world, to be maintained for 400 years. One of the largest environmental reclamation sites in the world, Tree Mountain, created from refuse material from a gravel pit, was declared a national monument to serve future generations with a meaningful legacy. Dedicated in 1996 by the President of Finland, dignitaries, and participants from around the world."

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