Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fake Cake Float: Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC

Oh la la! The Sooke Potholes! I read about this location a month ago and it did not disappoint. One would think that after driving around Indiana for half the summer, I would tire of these "formations" but that wasn't the case. From the website:

"Sooke Potholes Provincial Park provides access to the series of deep, polished rock pools and potholes carved naturally into the bedrock of the Sooke River... Glacial action during the last ice age 15,000 years ago is responsible for the formations, as the moving, melting ice packs stripped the surface area and carved a path deep into the natural bedrock. Huge boulders carried along by the rushing river became lodged, were swirled against the canyon walls and consequently carved out the potholes that can be seen today."

The website also emphasized how "beautifully clean and clear" the water is and it beat Lake George in this category. Donna and I walked 15 minutes down into the gorge and scrambled over a few rocks to get to the Sooke River. The first area was a complete failure due to the direction of the wind blowing, pushing the cake up river toward me. It was impossible to get the right angle but here's a photograph of that clean and clear water that I am enamored with.

The second location was perfect: a swirling pool just before the water shot down a small gorge. The cakes didn't move that much (and to complicate matters this featured two parts).

Also... leave it to me to use a nearly white top cake with the darkest background. All of this has become a lesson in averaging exposures.

The set-up from above:

We ended the day by inadvertently driving all the way to Port Renfrew trying to discover where the Pacific Ocean begins and the Strait of Juan de Fuca ends. Although this is the inlet, it is the "end of the road" - a very windy, curvy, carsick inducing road at that. Next up... Tofino and the Pacific Ocean.

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