Tuesday, July 6, 2010

14.25 hours & 856 miles later

At 9 AM yesterday I was standing in line buying a croissant at a French cafe in Brandon, VT. At 11:33 PM, I made it back to Indiana. This belongs under the category of things I didn't know I had in me - marathon driving (only stopped for a total of 40 minutes along the way). I kept thinking three things around Hour 12: 1) I have Blue Ledge Vermont cheese and it won't be cold in the morning! 2) I woke up to Frida the puppy licking my face and I want to see my kitties before I go to bed. 3) How different is this really from a trans-Pacific flight from LAX to Auckland (and then tack on Christchurch after customs)?

I'm taking it easy this week but it all begins again next week when I head back "home." I have a couple posts in mind before then though - what else was I thinking about on the long drive back?

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