Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fake Cake Float: Niagara Falls Bleeding & Broken

I once thought about exhibiting these cakes after the float alongside the photographs until Niagara Falls. The red acrylic paint bleeds, hot glue doesn't hold the topper on very well, and then I dropped the topper which produced an amputated bride. Yes, she successfully floated in the Niagara River above the falls before each of these events and I got into trouble (but you will never guess why).

First off, the cake visits Nikola Tesla:

The cake posing with Marni over Bridal Veil Falls:

Yes, the cake was top heavy for fast moving water and overturned many a time which caused it to bleed and bleed and bleed. It needed a rudder but here is visual proof that it was in the water right side up though it needed a rock as support:

The mighty pull of the river produced an indented wrist for Marni who hereby claims the title of "Cake Wrangler""

The End:

After the topper separated from the styrofoam, I decided that it was not worth bringing on the Maid of Mist boat tour even with another waterproof camera. Marni and I went as tourists instead of local with a tourist sidekick on an artistic mission. It was a great day to visit Niagara as the sun was out most of the time and there were not many people. We were first in line for the boat:

I thought we looked like recycling bags in our blue raincoats but I prefer Marni's description of "leaders of the Smurf brigade":

The last photograph I dared take with the cellphone on the Maid of Mist boat before getting too close to the falls. Hopefully something came from the waterproof camera - more on that after I return to Muncie and get it developed.

And this would be the photograph that caused a woman to yell at me and demand I delete the photographs on my camera. In turn, I yelled back, "It's all about the cake!" I turned indignant when she couldn't figure out how to advance the pictures on my digital camera and certainly didn't show her all of them (which were indeed mainly featuring the cake - who cares about the people behind it that are too fuzzy to recognize anyway?). In the process of yelling at me in her kiosk, she dropped a dozen photographs outside on the ground face down. Under any normal circumstance, I would have picked them up and handed them back to her but I walked off. The photographs were ruined and she had to reprint them all. Karma does work on occasion.

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