Saturday, June 19, 2010

The smallest cake has the largest task

OR Why on earth do I do this to myself!!!!!!????????

While sitting at Vecinos all afternoon perusing a stack of 13 library books, Hannah and I came to the conclusion that OH NO! {insert Jacinda has no capability of toning down this obsession}, I'm going to be very near every single Great Lake this summer. Since the little green cake has already floated in Lake Michigan, I think it is now destined to float in all five. Yes, I know I'm crazy - no need to remind me. Also, this cake has a new nickname... "Little Great Lakes" considering of course, if I can complete these mammoth tasks that I keep assigning myself (it belongs in the category of trying all things from every conceivable perspective so no one can accuse me of not practicing what I preach!).

In my additional afternoon research, I also discovered this AMAZING location which needs to be investigated (no it's not in the Midwest and I will maintain some element of surprise without revealing all the remaining sites).

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