Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Little Great Lakes" visits Lake Erie at Evangola State Park, NY

Today's Lessons Learned:

1) The smallest cake has to contend with waves. That's unfortunate because all it wants to do is turn over. At least it's the proper scale to pick up with one hand and flip over while holding the camera in the other. I could never one hand a basketball but I can hold a cake that way.

2) Fishing line saved me especially since I was alone and it was tied to my wrist. At one point, I was nearly up to my knees in water and in the middle of taking photographs, I decided to answer my phone (what was I thinking?) and what do you know? I didn't have to chase the cake.

3) That water was warm and after immersing my feet in it, it was deemed "tempting."

4) I signed myself up for going to all the Great Lakes? Excellent news because if they all look like this, it's going to be a perfect grand finale to this project.

5) Shortly after the float (in which I realized that ALL the remaining cakes are glow in the dark WHITE on top which means exposures will be as difficult at Hamilton Pool in Texas), discussing this weekend's plan of attack with Li. Next up Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario.

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