Friday, June 18, 2010

Fake Cake Float: The Conclusion of the Failure Tour (Hartford City, IN)

I tried to see many of these pools on the list above, but after careful research, some were not what I was initially searching for (too much like a water park, copious amounts of people, etc.) and the weather was certainly not on my side. Today was the most relaxing, fun day of the entire summer (and that's saying a lot since I've been on vacation since Cinco de Mayo). Muncie produced a few failures but thirty minutes north in Scott and Kim Anderson's inflatable pool in Hartford City was a success!

There were a lot of experiments of things that had potential on previous photo shoots and of course, Hannah and I answered the question on how much arm power it would take to submerge one of the largest cakes (standing on it proved impossible). I love how it looks like real glaze the moment the "chocolate" is wet.

I have also been thinking about having a person holding the cake while under water and this is the better one of those images.

Here is one way to photograph Natalie's little cakes (though the best way will be posted on this blog at the completion of the ninth cake float). Kim and Hannah are in the background.

Hannah, by the way, is using the best pool toy ever, the crab!

Strawberries delivered straight to the pool via Kim.

The calm before the storm (which blew all the inflatable pool toys in the yard) and the ladder that I used to take most of today's photographs.

After spending seven hours in and out of the pool, eating a three course meal plus dessert, we spent some time with the chickens (Hannah is holding Buffy):

Hannah and Scott spent some quality time with the guitar.

We examined the new "moss boulder" which looked to me like a well manicured bush growing in the fish tank.

Feeding time!

Needless to say, Hannah and I are contemplating a trip to that heinous store Rural King just to look at inflatable pools because this one defined "paradise" if not for one day.

... and FINALLY... In celebration of many things... the last day Hannah has to wake up at 6:30 AM, it's nearly the longest day of the year, and the very last of all the swimming pool photo shoots, I bought a waterproof camera (to be developed this weekend). We'll see if anything comes from that but in the meantime...

I am over half way done with the cakes! Three more trips to go! The slice was shipped to the NW today and I'm gearing up for the next, most impossible float yet. Forewarning: Yikes!

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