Saturday, June 12, 2010

Greetings from Barton Springs

I learned that the cake decorating ladies at Marsh on Tillotson in Muncie were accommodating to unusual requests. "Would you write this text on this piece of matboard for me?" "I guess." "It's for a photograph." "Ohhhhh! Okay." I asked for the color that most closely resembles "swimming pool blue." It needed a refill (a popular color for graduation cakes). There was a pause in the handwriting on an account of an air bubble and most significantly, she would not place it in a box with Marsh's name on it because they could get sued if anyone got sick eating a cake that wasn't made by them. My response: "Even if this is a piece of matboard?" "Yes." So she hunted through the garbage and found a box that had cake particles adhered to the edges and placed my text inside.

Although I liked Hamilton Pool better, the cake was truly made to be photographed at Barton Springs.

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