Friday, June 11, 2010

Fake Cake Float: Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, Travis County, Texas

We started the day off with my favorite pancakes on the planet (we are talking about potential last meal here: Banana and Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes at the Magnolia Cafe on Congress in Austin, Texas). It was also Nicole's birthday. Happy 30th!!!

The Lime Green cake arrived safely and was packed in the back seat ready for our drive to Hamilton Pool.

It was a muggy 94 degrees with sporadic sun. Let's just say the water felt great after the 1/4 mile steep hike down to the pool.

We spotted a couple LARGE catfish (visible in the middleground) and three small turtles swimming in the water.

Although I took the camera in the water for the first time today (yikes), I was not this person who had her non waterproof camera submerged half way in the water for over 20 minutes.

Nicole jumped in too only after we had to answer the question, "Is your cake a container?" i.e. are we hiding alcohol or a dog in it? No.

Hamilton Pool is beautiful though hard to photograph with such a dark cave-like background and bright sky above.

Nicole's amazing photo of Lime Green along the path to the falls.

"Is this a wedding cake?" "Excuse me. I don't mean to bother you but is that a cake?"

Dragonflies were attracted to the cake today.

This was the hardest photo shoot yet: sporadic sun, bad exposures because of the very dark background and very light top of the cake, and the focus is off. Not a successful day but I have one more option on Sunday (come on sunshine!!!).

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