Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Failure (but perhaps not) Tour Round 2: Anderson, Indiana

Starring Shannon Mehaffey!

"To storm or not to storm?" and "When?" were the questions of the day. I gave Shannon 20 minutes notice after contemplating the thunder I was hearing combined with the sunniest of skies. We decided to chance it and drove to Mounds State Park (continuing to cross off the newspaper list) with the Big Spiral in tow. It remained cloudy during the entire photo shoot and then it began to rain. As soon as I put the camera and cake back in the car and jumped in the water, the sun came out. What timing.

Toss that cake in clear water with a blue background and it changes completely! I tried a number of new things: a person in the water interacting with the cake, horizontal compositions, a sunless sky (ultimately that might be THE failure as I still think these would be better with SUN). The deep end of the pool was closed off for lack of lifeguards so that was another downfall. Below lies the cake longing to cross the boundary into the forbidden zone.

The joy of withholding continues as of course, the best photographs are not included here but there may be hope for a Muncie/Anderson/New Castle cake float yet. Thanks Shannon for all your help!

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