Sunday, April 25, 2010

H-E-L-L-O! Show Volume 3: The Wrap Show

The last dress rehearsal before Maura and Mark take the show to a festival in Austria 4th May! Tonight's guests featured: Amelia Morris, Drew Deboy, Jon, Laura, and Steve.

The Wrap Show featured more Fluxus events like "An Homage to Christo" in which Laura unwrapped something in the giant wig I wore last week (based on Jeanne-Claude's hair - the object was a bottle of cayenne powder). Maura also went through her laundry describing how each article was dirty after Yoko Ono's original performance piece. In addition to the usual "underpants," t-shirts, and socks, there were a lot of washcloths.

After a dinner of delicious homemade mac and cheese, salad, bread, and giant strawberries, it was back to the costume closet. We were in search of covering Jon in costume from head to knees. These two versions would eventually come together as one in the performance "Stage Fright." The fake butt returns in the form of boobs.

Laura in her pink grandma sweater (other fascinating aspects of her costume include a fake beard worn as a garter and plaid tights). She also had a pair of bikini bottoms on over the tights.

Here's Drew in a dress and one of Laura's wigs with Larry in the kitchen.

In addition to cutting up a coat length wise in the performance "Fashion," Amelia also operated the camera, participated in two telephone skits, and sang.

The music intro with Jon, Drew, and Mark.

The first telephone fluxus event featured another over-the-top performance from Jon saved by Amelia on several occasions. Jon's task was to call random phone numbers and ask who he was talking to. Once he got a name (it took 4 calls for someone to reveal Steve), he would then call someone he knew and ask for Steve.

The second telephone performance was treated like a panel discussion. Maura, Amelia, Drew, and Laura called someone they knew and asked them to describe what they were wearing. The unexpected part of this was when Drew's brother and Laura's friend asked the same question back. The audience then heard Drew describe his dress with fringe, wig, and plaid underwear and Laura in her sweater, tights, and beard garter in a nonchalant manner. High on the amusement scale.

Behind the scenes preparing for "Stage Fright." Steve, Mark, and Amelia led Jon, Laura, and Drew in front of the camera. They were unable to see due to being completely costumed from head to knee.

Jon, Drew, and Laura then fumbled around on stage for the duration of a polka song.

The most fun performance of the evening to watch (hearing was another story) Jon, Steve, Drew, Laura, Mark, and Amelia singing a song that they all knew the most lyrics to at the top of their lungs. Renditions of the Beach Boys, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Happy Birthday were among the choices.

The music outro featured Steve as a keyboard table for Drew (he asked us all to call him Papau afterwards since he was the senior member of our group that evening).

In the meantime, stay tuned for more cakes!

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