Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Google search: "how to fake cake use building material"

Someone came to the blog today typing in the above words in Google. Considering I've gone through 21 tubes of caulk in the last two weeks, it seemed like a highly appropriate title for this entry. Tomorrow the cakes will be finished and they are beautiful! I could not have done any of this without Hannah, Natalie, and Chet. Infinite thanks. There will be a studio photograph taken on cake boards/display plates but not until after the first one floats this weekend. This truly means that summer is here!

Natalie, in addition to being a contemporary art historian who knows everything about Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, is also a master cake decorator. She brought all the tools today and showed me how to draw lines, make roses, and scalloped edges. She was so much better at this than I was, so I drew a few lines (only messing things up partially) and she took over for the harder parts (i.e. almost everything else). Hannah dug up a record player for our turntable. The roses are drying overnight and only the two tiered cakes are left to finish. I also want to make a cake topper for the 3-tier cake at some point this summer.

The professional tools (including edible glitter)... Natalie taught cake decorating classes too.

Notice how I didn't photograph my practice line that occurred minutes after this photo was taken.

The cake as yellow as the desert sun.

This one has the Southeast written all over it. I actually drew the lines radiating from the center of the cake.

Why am I not going to Spiral Jetty this year?!

Everyone LOVES this cake.

Flowers to be added tomorrow. Caulk produced more "relaxed" flowers but recognizable nonetheless.

This will not look like the 4th of July after it is done tomorrow.

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