Monday, May 10, 2010

Fake Cake Float #1

Packing "Big Pink" for the road. It's fragile therefore it was elected to be a "driving cake."

Why the pink cake for Louisville? It's aesthetic fits what just took place last weekend in this city.

Not to be outdone, we later found a child-size tutu in a consignment shop and what do you know? We had our own Derby hat.

Problem #1: Upon arrival at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky we came to the AWFUL realization that the outdoor swimming pool is CLOSED until Memorial Weekend (surprisingly we were not informed of this bit of information when reserving our room a month ago - I even asked!). We could go out on the pool deck but a rather large, locked gate greeted us at the entry.

Problem #1 Resolution: Trespass or ask permission? At first we thought trespassing but there was a housecleaning crew parked right inside in full view of our activities so we brought the cake to the concierge (because who after seeing this thing would refuse?!). Doug at the front desk helped us obtain entry. Interesting facts we learned while waiting for Doug to summon Archie to open up the lock on the gate itself: Last weekend Hugh Heffner landed a helicopter on the roof of the Galt House. Kentucky Derby Day guests who also stayed here last weekend included: Michael Jackson, Tom Brady, and Barry Bonds. Who knew we were staying in the same hotel? Artists and sports stars.... hmmmmm.

Problem #2: the wind factor. As this is an outdoor pool very near the banks of the Ohio River, the wind was very strong! Fortunately it slowed down considerably since the previous night. While waiting, I figured out what direction it was blowing and fortunately, it coincided directly with resolving Problem #3: the sun factor. Here I am having a Roni Horn moment (or Vija Celmens?) staring at the water from behind the gate.

Problem #3 Resolution: Timing was on our side. This was the only part of the swimming pool that had direct sun intermittently. Fortunately, the sun came out the moment Hannah set the cake in the water and the wind blew it to the east side of the pool where I was standing. In my mind, all these photographs must have sunshine - we'll see if the weather pans out the rest of the summer. It was a close call today.

Thank goodness it actually floated!

...and held up after the float!

For those of you that have requested postcards (and for the 20 of you that will automatically receive them without asking because I'm either related to you or we're surgically tied at the hip in some form or another)... you'll see the final image in the mail soon! I will also post the final images at the end of the summer once all nine are photographed. I'm really, really excited that the first cake turned out so well!

Afterward... Hannah and I spent the rest of the afternoon eating yellow food,

trying to figure out where our favorite Louisville resident would hang out,

purchasing a new record by the above favorite Louisville resident at Ear X-tacy.

and tracking down some artwork at the 21C Hotel (Ned Kahn's Cloud Rings).

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