Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Could Be You in Tucscon Now

...having lunch with my friend Cass and my Uncle Dan at El Minuto (Cheese and Pepper Crisps, Negra Modelo, and Chili Relleno). Meet the very important players in the multiple cake floats to come...yes food is always an important player.

Things I have missed about Tucson that I didn't realize until returning:
1) waking up by the sound of doves at 6 AM
2) blooming cacti (especially saguaros)
3) dry heat
4) driving around at night with the windows down in the desert air
5) adobe
6) horned toads
7) Mexican radio
8) green corn tamales (bought a dozen at La Rua to bring back home)
9) this list can go on and on and on... i need to move back here (snowbird fantasy here i come - am i old enough to retire yet?)

Saguaro on the University of Arizona campus:

The best kind of yard ever (= no mowing or watering!!!!):

The best colored prickly pear:

Uncle Dan flew all the way in from San Diego just to spend the day with me (how amazing is that?). In addition to a special lunch, we also saw the Salvador Corona exhibition at the AZ State Museum on the UA campus:

A diorama (at the AZ State Museum)...

We took a walk in Sabino Canyon:

There was quite a bit of water and thankfully no rattlesnakes.

It's the whitest person in Southern Arizona!

All of these images are setting the stage.... Uncle Dan and I even floated a cake at a soon to be announced location (since I'm going for more pools this trip, I'll post all these images over the weekend when the next two are done). In the meantime, meet "Incognito" the cake carrying bag bequeathed to me as an early birthday present by Cass (because every pool this trip involves TRESPASSING and "who would suspect such an innocent bag?"):

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