Monday, May 17, 2010

Fake Cake Float #3: Trial Run at Montrose Dog Park, Chicago - Lake Michigan

My friend Aaron is amazing. He took his shoes off and went into cold Lake Michigan for this cake float. This was an impromptu event - the first for this body of water over the course of the summer (expect another in early August). My brother is visiting from Oregon and we spur of the moment drove to Chicago to see this exhibition which was worth every hour in the car!

Aaron suggested Montrose Dog Park and it was a learning experience. For one, this is the first float outside of a swimming pool and capturing the cake where it doesn't look like lopsided is a challenge. Also, the water doesn't look as enticing as I would like (in fact my brother, Javy, said the cake looked "rejected" especially with the outtake of Mavis sniffing it). It is clear though which is a prerequisite.

This was the most funny photograph taken of the day (and least expected - we were wondering if the dogs would think it was a toy and surprisingly they were not interested):

Aaron took the next two photographs of my dirty pants and cake nicknamed "Little Green."

Here's the bottom of the cake so everyone knows it's fake!

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