Saturday, April 17, 2010

H-E-L-L-O! Show Round 2: Chance

I'm noticing that one of the beauties of this project and working with Maura is the email instructions we receive the day before (see below). It changes a little bit depending on who shows up. Jon bailed this week but Laura and I were there. Maura and Mark's neighbor Nathan came later in addition to his mother Robin and stepfather Steve (the "locals" as Maura calls them).

This week it worked! Unfortunately the "mystery skype guest" went to bed early and missed his part of the show. It recorded (yay!). It was only 14.5 minutes long but much improved over last week.

"The Chance Show:

Tonight’s show will feature selected event scores by Eric Andersen one of the first fluxus artists. It will also include a call-in guest via “Skype” who will perform one of the scores with the group.

EVENT SCORE: The Chance Show (tentative)

1. Intro(mov) : Cut with live feed of music intro

2. Music Intro Live (Mark & Jon) Play whatever they like for as long as they need.

3. Text Feed: welcome inserted simultaneously over the M & J

4. Opus 46 (1963): (Everyone) 5 sec approx

5. Larry and Dave Take a Walk (mov): Cut to video 1 minute

6. Opus 9: (Steve) ?

7. Local Ad (mov): Cut to video 30 sec

9. Opus 11: (Laura)

10. Song with picture (mov.): 2 min Maura’s choice

11. Skype Guest: Intro name, occupation, where are you? Tour the room you are calling from. 4 min

12. Opus 21 (Maura & Jacinda) We will flip a coin to see who gets which letters

13. Diploma From Home (mov) 1:30 min

14. Opus 21 (everyone & skype guest) (TBD)

15. Poem performance Nathan (maybe)

16. Music Out (Mark & Jon)"

Reviewing the program CamTwist and everyone's Opuses with me before starting.

Opus #17 with Maura:

Opus 17: (1961) Eric Andersen

1. Two persons are situated on the stage.
One of them pronounces the sound "A'

2. (optional)) The person who started with the sound "A" is only allowed to pronounce the sound "B". The other person is only allowed to pronounce the sound "C".

3. The performance is finished when one of the persons pronounces the sound "D".

We flipped a coin and I won the toss. My sound of "D" sounded like "duh."

Sound Check: the lights were really bright tonight.

The order of events....

Costumes again! Gotta love Laura's tights (Larry does).

Laura loaned me her poofy wig (wow gravity).

Blending in.

Waiting for the others to come up to the attic.

Laura's Opus #11 featured getting rid of a dead plant and substituting it with a live one.

My favorite photo of the evening (I was quick to realize that I cannot operate Cam Twist, the video camera on occasion, and my Canon so out pops the i-phone yet again). Unfortunately, I did not get any of the group photographed or Steve and Robin performing. There was too much to operate at the same time.

Polka song (note: this week Mark's tail is Laura's missing tight).

Maura and Mark made vegetarian pasta with asparagus, tomatoes, and capers in addition to chili for the meat eaters. After the broadcast, Mark and Steve are hanging out in the kitchen discussing how badly Larry will have diarrhea that night due to Steve feeding him meat and beans.

"... but that's okay," says Steve. He brought some Tums in a glove because he was out of sandwich bags.

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