Sunday, April 11, 2010

H-E-L-L-O! Live from Muncie in Maura and Mark's attic

Wow! I participated in a live performance/experiment/variety show Saturday night called "H-E-L-L-O!" brought to you by Maura Jasper and Mark Perretta. This was the partial email I received from Maura about the evening's events:

"Thank you for participating in this first test run of Hello! The tentative theme for tonight is "The Unknown", costumes are encouraged, diy is our guide, and we will also have ample costuming, craft material for spur of the moment decisions. Music, Interviews, Skits, Panel, with Pre recorded "Cut Aways"."

After feeding us pasta, wine, and PBR, Maura outlined the plan of attack.

Then Jon Faloon, Laura Hruska, and I (as "special guests") visited the costume closet.

Additional "special guests" included Cricket and Larry.

Maura in her nylon body suit underneath a rain coat eventually completed with polka dot shoes. Note: Larry is wearing polka dots too.

Mark as a character from "Sha Na Na." Note: Mark is wearing a BP headband.

My role was learning the program that would cut from one camera to "cut aways" (featuring earning a diploma from home, a fisherman painting an image of Bigfoot, etc.) to another camera. Maura and I shared this scary job because it has so much potential for screw-ups especially when broadcasting LIVE.

Here are Jon and Mark during the Music Intro:

The Panel Discussion on the "Unknown"(yes, I did whip out Goldie the I-phone and took pictures in the middle of the panel discussion). Note: Jon is wearing Maura's MFA graduation gown.

Mark during a sound test (after our skit "Unseen Investigation" featuring an unknown entity underneath a rug). Note: Mark is wearing a nylon stocking over the BP headband and wig on his head previously seen as a tail during the music intro.

Resting after the skit (Laura and Larry recreating a Wizard of Oz moment).

This was the most fun I've had on a Saturday night in Muncie since.... Whoever knew dancing to music from The Price is Right could be so much fun? Stay tuned... I'm on call to work on this until Maura and Mark take the show on the road to Austria next month.

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