Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fake Cakes are Coming Along!

Day 4 in the wood shop: sanded and shaped. Tomorrow Hannah and I are going to try to mix acrylic pigment with caulk. Fingers crossed...

Day 5 in the wood shop: We learned that caulk works very well tinted and applied with a palette knife (it also takes one tube per cake this size). I have two test cakes of leftover styrofoam parts so Hannah and I painted four important colors that will be used on four different cakes. They look hideous together so don't judge this cake as a shining example of what the end product will look like! The real ones won't be lopsided either.

Also, as of today, there has been a change in plans as to what will be the first body of water where a floating cake will be photographed. First one will take place on 9th May in Louisville, Kentucky at this fine establishment (Hint: It's Louisville's only outdoor hotel swimming pool).

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