Saturday, November 29, 2014

Madonna Inn

"Let's say that Albert Speer, while leafing through a book on Gaudí, swallowed an overgenerous dose of LSD and began to build a nuptial catacomb for Liza Minnelli. But that doesn't give you an idea. Let's say ... Chopin's Sonata in B-flat sung by Perry Como in an arrangement by Liberace and accompanied by the Marine Band."

- Umberto Eco in On Ugliness

The third visit is the charm. The Swiss Rock is booked and this time, I hope to have access to the swimming pool (though this tennis court color scheme may be photographed once or twice during my visit).

I am either going to love or hate this (hopefully the former). In any case, my intolerance for pink may be tested. [All images via.]

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