Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Performance: Contemporary Photography from the Douglas Nielsen Collection"

From the Center for Creative Photography's website:

"This exhibition gathers more than 100 works from the private collection of Douglas Nielsen, choreographer and professor at the University of Arizona School of Dance. Featuring photographs and photo-based prints by artists as diverse and provocative as Diane Arbus, John Baldessari, Jo Ann Callis, Nan Goldin, Bruce Nauman, Richard Renaldi, and Cindy Sherman, the exhibition’s unique installation draws out the dramatic and physical tension that can result between photographer and subject, the observer and the observed. Among the exhibition’s highlights are focused displays of images by Nancy Burson and Jimmy DeSana, as well as compelling works by lesser-known artists such as Todd Gray and Noah Kalina, all of which are presented in ways that are by turns whimsical, meditative, and revealing about a fundamental aspect of the art and nature of photography."

Every time I return to the Center for Creative Photography, I remember how fortunate I was to attend school at the University of Arizona and to be able to bring my students to world class exhibitions directly across from the Art Building. My tour guide was Cass Fey and she explained the background information in presentation and installation. We walked through discussing our favorites, remarking at how well the objects fit with the photographs, and the salon style hanging (and even incorporating the circular columns). I most enjoyed seeing Noah Kalina's video Everyday in the context of a museum rather than a viral link found online.

Until the next visit, Arizona!

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