Saturday, November 1, 2014

Arizona Inn - October 2014

The week before leaving for Arizona, I kept thinking about the most important pools that informed my experience of living in Tucson. The Arizona Inn featured many attempts to float a cake in 2010 and is the epitome of a pool one would want to sneak into (as this action is often a topic of conversation in the summer time). I began to look at satellite views and made prints the day before leaving.

Even after soaking all of them in the pool that is featured in the satellite view, I am more interested in the warped, smudged and dried original (not so much the photograph above). Still thinking and collecting...

The water was murky but inviting. Unfortunately, I have a far better image of this noodle on my iPhone but this is the best one from the digital SLR.

I left a souvenir from the 2010 cake float (back then all the chairs were covered with yellow fabric).


Here are the prints drying in the back seat of the rental car.


The two other pools that made a lasting impression on my time spent in Tucson. I did not trespass and photograph them during my visit which is leading me to believe that there is something more significant to be made by this act of capturing the image rather than visiting the location itself.

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