Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Art Department: University of Arizona, Photo Area, Room 14


I have been writing on chalkboards and dry erase boards in Art Departments since May, telling the stories that took place in those very same rooms years ago. This one refers to teaching my first semester (and what a horrible job I did of it). It is the tamest of the group - or the one that I am most likely to admit I made now.

I follow specific rules when taking these photographs. I do not plan what I am going to write. I accept any spelling and grammatical mistakes. I take the photograph quickly because more often than not, it feels like I will be caught (and I was once at Boise State). Most of the time, when looking at these images later, I regret the words that were written, wishing for something more.

Returning to the University of Arizona photo area for the first time since 2001 was jarring. It looks far more run down than I remember with stains on the linoleum, scuffs on the walls, warped homasote, and outdated furniture. I was happy to see that the color processor was in full swing - wishing I still had access to that room and all that I could make with color film.

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