Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh How I Love Joe Sola's Latest Project

More Cinematic Artforum Reviews of Joe Sola's Work:

From the 323 Projects Website:
"Sola hired a professional voiceover artist to read Artforum Magazine reviews of his past work. When combined with strange soundtracks, the resulting works resemble the audio structure of film trailers for big-budget blockbuster movies, while engaging questions of appropriation, authorship, connections between Hollywood and Visual Culture."

Sola's Studio Visit is one of my favorite all-time artworks. I watch it every other year when I show it to one of my upperdivision classes and I never cease to laugh. It's featured in both of the videos above but it takes on a whole new level of hilarity when read with a soundtrack resembling a Blaxploitation or Tarantino film. Sola is one of those great artists that makes it okay to make funny work. I have to keep that in mind as the plot for the VB project continues to form.

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