Monday, April 4, 2011

"The House that Color Built"

I owe the title of this entry to Alexis as that was her response after sending her this photograph of William Eggleston's house on the corner of Waring and Walnut Grove in Memphis, Tennessee. Fortunately, Greely Myatt was up to my artist stalking antics and not only knew where Eggleston lived, but had once been in his house. Greely drove right on through the driveway within feet of Eggleston's front door. There was a light on in the foyer but it was deduced that if anyone was home it was his son Winston as Eggleston is spending most of this year in Paris. It was just as I had imagined it would like - a little rundown and oh so Southern. The architecture is unusual for the area and it was a little smaller than one might think for being the father of color photography's abode.

Here is the Lamplighter Lounge where Eggelston famously threw a hamburger at the bartender Shirley Williams. New York Magazine, November 2, 2008:

"Eggleston has a precarious relationship with the Lamp, one of his favorite haunts. In fact, he's barred from entering. "I got really drunk one time," he admits, "and I threw a hamburger at Shirley, who had just made it. But we're still friends." Shirley concurs. "He calls me up every now and then, asks how I'm doing, and I say, 'Good,'" she says, fond but firm. She is pleased to own an Eggleston photograph at home and proud of his success, but, like the Lamp's regulars, her feelings for her famous neighbor are complicated. "I like Bill, but he can't come in here. Will you be sure and tell him I said hello?"

My very brief Memphis tour also included The Art Guys' exhibition at The Wrong Again Gallery.

... and Greely's studio featuring Piece of Cake. Does this look familiar?

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