Monday, April 11, 2011

Maps: Part 1

A list about maps:

• They are an integral part of my process and have always interested me since I was a kid (rarely is there an instance where one is not pinned to my wall).

• My interest in globes directly stems from my infatuation with maps.

• If I were to turn in a proposal for a project rather than drawings or sketches, I'd make a map.

• Maps that lead to nowhere or maps that say nothing are as fascinating as those that are functional.

• Maps are a key component in this summer's VB project (coming soon).

Map Found in 1944 by Tacita Dean's Father

John Mann, Untitled (Lake Michigan)

Another John Mann (because his work is amazing), Untitled (Florianopolis)

Tony Cragg, Solid States (all 50 of the United States piled on top of one another)

Maya Lin, Systematic Landscapes Map 2, 2006

Abelardo Morell, Map of North America, 1996

Aaron Ruell, Untitled, c. 2004

Shannon Rankin

Zoe Leonard, Map of Japan, 1989/90

Michael Crawford, From Altered States

Strange Maps where you can find beauties like David Lynch's Map of Twin Peaks

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