Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lighter or Darker?

Not the best photo on earth (they are lighter in person). More ghostly or less?

In any case, I am beginning to rescan them where all the borders are included instead of having some of the text cropped off. Both the back and the front are manipulated to fit perfectly so there aren't three borders within borders. Slowly but surely.

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  1. less ghosty. in reality, no matter what marilyn says or does or writes or thinks or remembers or experiences, we can't keep our eyes off her -- man or woman, straight or gay. she just looks great. just the look is great. so i like less ghosty, because that image competes for my attention in a way the less ghosty doesn't. i can't both look at her and read all those words. my eyes, my brain, my attention goes back and forth. by which i mean the less ghosty is more real. and being real, is complicated and implicates me and you and everyone and everything.* which is cool.

    *implicates in what? well (my mother always says a well is a deep hole in the ground), well i don't know if art has to figure any of that out. show don't tell, right? lend and experience, and expect nothing in return!


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