Monday, April 25, 2011

More Clouds, More Storms, More Rain: Mitch Dobrowner

The photographs of Mitch Dobrowner remind me of the walls of rain I've driven through in Houston, Texas, the clouds that look like a forming tornado above the car on a Kansas interstate, or rain falling so hard, we had to pull over on the freeway in Wyoming. I'm wishing the cold, wet spring would go away after the freezing, icy winter. Come on summer... where are you? Tired of listening for the tornado warning at 3 in the morning...

Mitch Dobrowner, Road Near Guymon, Oklahoma, 2009

Monsoon, Lordburg, New Mexico, 2010

Funnel, Cornfield, Northfield, Minnesota, 2010

Bear Claw, Moorcroft, Wyoming, 2010

Clouds Near Limon, Colorado, 2010

Wall Cloud, Davidson, Wyoming, 2009

Trees-Clouds, Texline, Texas, 2009

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