Friday, March 4, 2011

Stephanie Brooks - "Tax Form: 1040, 1997"

Guess who went to the accountant today? See more of Stephanie's text based works here.

"Check the box for your filing status:
1. Caring, Generous, Possessive, and Manipulative
2. Self-assured, Competitive, Narcissistic and Hostile
3. Creative, Intuitive, Introvertive and Depressive
4. Perceptive, Analytic, Eccentric, and Paranoid
5. Likable, Dutiful, Dependent, and Masochistic
6. Accomplished, Compulsive, Obsessive, and Manic
7. Self-confident, Forceful, Combative, and Destructive
8. Peaceful, Reassuring, Passive, and Neglectful
9. Principled, Orderly, Perfectionist, and Punitive"

"12a. Taxable Traits: Those that are taxing and burdensome to
X You
X Your Spouse
X Both"

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