Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SPE Atlanta 2011 (The I've Semi-Caught-up Entry)

Photobooth with Amelia at the Exhibits Fair.

Dinner with Camden Hardy and members of the Postcard Collective. Did a belly dancer really have to make an appearance (twice no less)!? The above image is from Camden's Expedition series. Mile 14 of the Pantano Wash, Tucson, Arizona.

Looking at cakes in the display case at the Metro Cafe with Amelia rather than the sea of blue shirted Kentucky fans that were also sharing downtown Atlanta.

The Lichtenstein House at the High Museum.

The swimming pool at the Sheraton Hotel.

A mini-Clemson reunion with Anderson Wrangle, Zane Logan (image above) and Gene Ellenberg.

Allyson Klutenkamper (above) won my raffle print! I proceeded to fall in love with one of her photographs of a white lampshade in front of a white wall in addition to...

... Jason DeMarte's Utopic series.

A trade is in the works with Nate and Marni! Hooray!

I'll spare everyone the embarrassing dance party photographs which were the next biggest highlight. Oh yeah... Nancy's and my talk went a-okay. Next year the theme is "Intimacy and Voyeurism" AND it's located in San Francisco. Can't wait!

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