Sunday, March 27, 2011

"The Smithson Effect" at the Utah Musuem of Fine Arts

Peter Coffin, Untitled (Rainbow), 2005

Never have these words fallen from my mouth: "I wish I could go to Salt Lake City and see this art exhibition." From the website:

"The Smithson Effect aims to narrate a widely recognized, yet little discussed story: that of Smithson's pervasive presence in contemporary art since the 1990s. The exhibition underscores his significance for a generation of artists whose work is informed by his radical approach to making and disseminating art: especially crucial is Smithson's rethinking of the place of art's production (from the artist's studio to the unbounded landscape) and the place of art's exhibition (from the site of the unbounded landscape to the ‘nonsite' of the gallery). The most ambitious contemporary art exhibition ever mounted by the UMFA, The Smithson Effect presents a dramatic range of objects-sculptures, paintings, photographs, films, videos, installations, and works of sound art-which register Smithson's influential mode of working across various mediums."

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